Panel: Tempered Crystal Glass
Rated Voltage: AC 100-250V 50/60HZ
Rated Current: 10A
Load Type: Incandescent Lamp, Energy Saving Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp...etc

WiFi switching units



3 Gang WiFi Device

Get Bold, Get BIG…with our aesthetically designed WIFI switching units in our new SUAVE BLACK and White Colors. Ergonomically designed, our BIG Button Display devices are a perfect equilibrium of style and space. With the 3 GANG switching units, you get to control 3 lights in one go…quite literally an entire room.

Crafted on a tempered crystal glass the color indicators in Green and Blue against the Uber-cool BLACK and WHITE color backdrop create a magical riot of colors.

WiFi Dimmer/ Fan Regulator:

Feeling lazy ?? or feeling Active enough ?? Whatever the case maybe… Our WiFi Dimmer/Fan Regulator will let u play along. Choose and set exactly the level of brightness or regulate the speed of your fan depending on your mood with just a swipe on our app.

So get set to bring the kid out in you or even better let your kids into a little play-zone of their own.

Wifi Curtain Switching Units

Want that sunlight to brighten up your day ?? or feeling cozy enough to snuggle in your bed..?? be it your home or your own executive cabin at the office, allow our WiFi curtain device to control the width of curtain opening as per your mood.

Just add your curtain to the list of switching units on the app, sync up and get started.

Note: Motor and Curtain Rails need to be purchased separately.

Wifi Socket Switching Units

A one of its kind, our WiFi Socket device is both a device as well as a power socket. Therefore this eliminates the complexity and the space that is typically required for the regular run of the mill Sockets that come with the added device occupying additional space beside costing more. Our WiFi device comes with an inbuilt manual device, these can be manually controlled as well.

With the ability to completely control it from the app where in use can use the time-based DEVICE ON/OFF function, you can use it to pre-set time-based activities like mobile charging, turning ON/OFF Electric rice cookers, automatic garden watering etc.

Got you thinking..?? That’s how cool and easy it is.

Be it the 3 GANG Switching Units, Dimmer/Fan Regulator, Curtain Device or the Socket Device..all of them can be controlled seamlessly and instantaneously on your Local WiFi. Besides, these are absolutely user-friendly with the ability to control them manually as well with their BIG DISPLAY BUTTONS.

Just download the app, sync up the devices and let your WiFi turn your regular homes into smart homes that make SENSE.

For a full video of all our products, click here 

Smart Homes that make sense