Build Your Home With  Universal Device


No Host Server

With the world’s first built-in WIFI module, the  range of WiFi smart device completely rules out expensive host server. A simple replacement of your existing devices with our smart device turns your regular home into a real smart home. With an easy sync to your existing WIFI connection, its real plug n play or let’s call it – child’s play.

No Brass Terminal

Made of Brass, the devices are completely safe and offer solid stability in terms of usage/lifetime and support all kinds of load.


The  range of Smart device is unique enough to run on Local WiFi at home/office without the need for any additional host server. To the extent that these run even on 2/3/4G as well, making it absolutely easy for an on-the-go management of these smart devices from your smartphone. Sync up to your WiFi. Create a one-time profile inclusive of all your L6 WiFi smart devices & let your smartphone unveil the magic.

Unique Room Classification

Its Unique room classification makes the functionality absolutely user-friendly. Create your own customized room names and list all the respective SMART Devices under that particular room.

Ex: Living Room, Drawing Room, Bed Room1, Bed Room2… etc

Powerful Scene Mode

Once the room level classification is done the SCENE MODE can be used for customizing preset’s for various devices and create an all on/all off scene for turning on/off all of these devices in one particular room.

Ex:  Bed Room1: Light-Dim Level customized, Fan-Speed level customized, Curtain-Width of Curtain Opening customized

Timing Function

This is one of the key functions which allows for a Day Based/Time-Based ON/OFF of all the devices at the customized preset’s in each of the rooms.

The timing function completely lets you free of reminders as the time-based preset customization take over and turns on/off the devices at the levels they have been pre-set.

Imagine having all your lights dimmed right at the level of brightness you want, you fan turning on/running at a preset speed and you just snuggle into your bed.

Push Notification

Another unique feature, the push notification alerts you via mobile notification of device level on/off. This in-turn can be used to identify the presence of children/old parents or a possible Intrusion.

Ex: Imagine getting a mobile notification of a particular light being turned on/off either by your kid/s who would have been back from school or old parents having got up from sleep… etc

Smart Homes that make sense