Your Smart Home Journey Begins Here

Announcing the launch of the  WI-FI switching units that are smart, stylish and pure ease.

If you love WiFi, you’ll fall in love with our switching units…Switching Units that are SMART and make SENSE…a “lot of SENSE”

We Are

Rajasekhar Boppana

Rajasekhar Boppana


After completing his MBA in US, he has drifted around in the wilderness of Indian Startup ecosystem, settling down for a few year in Fugenic Computer Services Pvt. Ltd.. He has gained experience in the field of embedded systems development and ventured on his own.
Aravind Potla

Aravind Potla


A lawyer and MBA who eschewed both his degrees and tried many ventures before teaming up with us, bringing his experience on board. We are privileged to have him with us.

Kiran Muvaram

Kiran Muvaram


A seasoned sales and marketing professional with proven expertise in the areas of revenue management, analytics,pricing and digital strategy, Kiran drives the planning and implementation of marketing strategy.

About Us

Having spent considerable number of years in the field of enterprise automation, it didn’t take long for us to realize the immense potential the field offers in the Indian context.

We, therefore, set out to revolutionize the consumer automation space ably riding on IoT, with the objective of moving the power of automation from the specialists to the consumers.

Our motto thereby is to empower consumers by enabling them to the power of monitoring and analysis.

True to our name-Smart Sense Digital, we aim to live up to it:

Smart – create products that are connected and in real time. Smart in short
Sense – If it’s smart its got to make sense. Backed by data our products are smart yet drive sense
Digital – swear to drive the digital

With a small yet dedicated team of passionate specialists, we strive to bring to the market the best of the products that are smartly sensible in the least time possible.

Smart Homes that make sense